Meet your friends and make some new ones at The Nook in Huntsville, Alabama.  The Nook is a smoke-free environment that features the best beers available in Alabama.  Since we are closed on Sundays, private parties can be arranged.

Come see us at:

The Nook

We focus on great beers.  All of our beer selections are based on meeting two criteria:  “Is it available in Alabama?” and “How high is its and rating?”  We have over 450 beers to be enjoyed.  You can check out the current selection here on our beer page.  We have 48 draught beers on tap.

Stop By and Join the Fun

Checkout all of our upcoming events at The Nook by clicking right here.

You can help improve our beer selection by supporting the Free The Hops organization.  Free The Hops is a group of Alabamians who are seeking to to change the Alabama beer laws to allow the best beers in Alabama.  Call your senator and representative to tell them you support the change.

The Nook

3305 Bob Wallace Ave SW

Huntsville, AL 35805

(256) 489-0911

Monday thru Saturday

11:00 AM to Midnight

Closed Sunday

We sell beer to go with over 150 beers to chose from.  You can check out the current selection here.

Over 450 Beers

We have a developed a unique selection of items that is small enough to manage in order to always provide quality and freshness.  You can check out the current selection here.

Mondays is Beer Event Night

Coniston Brewing Co. Ltd

Bluebird Bitter

4.2% ABV - English Bitter

14 April, 4:00 pm

Tuesdays is German Food Night

Prepared by: Monika Müller

Zigeunerschnitzel & Potato Salad

15 April, 5:00 pm

Saturday Beer Dinner

Pasta al Forno di Primavera

Prepared by: Samuel Parks

  1. A light, springtime style pasta dish (made with penne pasta, asparagus tips, sautéed mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, sliced sausage, and bacon) is tossed in a light and tangy goat-cheese-cream-sauce, topped with cheese and bread crumbs, and baked until golden brown.  Accompanied by spinach, fresh green pea, and feta cheese salad.

Beer Recommendation

            For a beer that can stand next to dish (and not behind it), try a Helles or Maibock.  The extra malty flavor will pair nicely with the sweet-saltiness of the sausage and bacon, while cleansing the palate of the cream sauce and leave you wanting just one more bite!

19 April, 5:00 pm